After a lengthy investigation, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) concluded its review on America’s Special Operations Forces (SOF) ethics and professionalism. The results are rather ambivalent.

The Pentagon didn’t find any systemic or structural reasons for the numerous high-profile incidents that negatively rocked the spec ops community over the past few months. Nonetheless, the “DOD is pursuing several initiatives to improve individual and organization ethics and professionalism in the SOF community,” added the report.

The report also stated that military leaders are constantly trying “to improve the oversight and accountability by senior leaders of ethics and professionalism-related issues with respect to special operations forces.”

How this is achieved has yet to be determined, but the DOD report offers some recommendations. SOF leadership will now issue a “moral disengagement questionnaire” to gauge the psychological maturity, as well as the tendencies for immoral actions, of special operators and SOF candidates. However, psychological testing is already in place for many of the SOF selection processes. Thus, the DOD’s recommendation suggests current methods are inadequate.