I wanted to share the presentation I gave yesterday to my Weapons of Mass Destruction class at Columbia University with our readers.  Probably the biggest game changer with Directed Energy Weapons is the strategic aspect with ballistic missile defense or as an orbital weapons system, however there are also applications for SOF and Conventional Military units such as the smaller GLARE MOUT laser and the mid-size Area Denial System and the Advanced Tactical Laser which may one day augment the AC-130 gunship.


Just to elaborate a little on one of the topics I brought up, I was not trying to say that putting a multi-billion dollar orbital weapons platform into orbit is a smart way to fight a bunch of third world terrorists wearing sandals and carrying rusty AK-47’s.  I was just trying to throw out some examples of how these platforms could work and what I think the long term plan for DE weapons may be with defense planners.

Special thanks to Professor Paul Richards.

Also, here are the two videos I showed during the presentation: