Welcome to the deliciously rich and absurdly contradictory world of American politics. Our protagonist? None other than US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. In a recent fit of what I can only call momentary amnesia, Yellen urged China to up its climate change spending game. Quite the pot-calling-the-kettle-black scenario if you ask me.

Now, let’s back it up a bit, shall we? Picture this: Yellen, standing tall, her voice echoing with the gravitas one expects of a Treasury Secretary. She boldly proclaims to China, “Spend more on climate change, you must!” (or something akin to that in less Yoda-esque terms). The irony? It’s as rich as a triple-layer chocolate cake and just as hard to swallow.

Chinese factory putting smoke in the air
“Stop this pollution; you will!!” Yoda-Yellen making more demands. SOFREP’s imagination of a typical Chinese factory.

Remember, we’re talking about a representative of a country with a carbon footprint that could squash most other nations flat, like an overeager sumo wrestler. And yet, Yellen seems as content as a rat in a New York subway to skip over America’s own shortcomings and point the finger at China.

The audacity of it…reminds me of the US trying to gain moral high ground with Russia.