SOFREP is a news and information website run by former Special Operations soldiers and members of the intelligence community.  We are currently looking at 2017 as being a year in which there is a increased focus on Russia from a foreign policy standpoint.  To that end, SOFREP is interested in recruiting a freelance writer and reporter who can travel to countries within Russia’s sphere of influence to write articles and produce video content for us.  Same basic requirements for the job include:


-Fluency in Russian
-A military background in Special Operations or intelligence
-Strong English-language writing ability. This is a must for this job.
-Must be a go-getter, able to conduct interviews, develop sources, and conduct solid long term planning as well as developing the situation on the ground.  Expect the unexpected.
Work includes travel to areas within Russia’s sphere of influence, maybe even to Russia itself, to conduct journalism.  Pay is negotiable on a freelance basis.  On this job you will not be micromanaged and will be expected to develop stories on the ground with minimal guidance from SOFREP’s editors.
Now accepting applicants. If interested, submit your documents on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Please put “Russian Freelance Writer” in the topic line, attach a cover letter, resume, and proof of military service (DD214 or ID card). Place a 100-200 word writing sample in the main message. References will be requested and followed up during the interview process.