I like to think of Jocko as one of the most interesting men I don’t know…yet. But I’ve been intently listening to his podcast for years, and he embodies all the beliefs and traits I embrace: hard work, loyalty, no excuses for anything, and a great sense of humor.

The Obstacle is the Way

He was born John Gretton Willink in September of ’71 in the small town of Torrington, Connecticut, with a pistol in one hand and a hand grenade in the other. That must have been hell on his mother, but her first word to her newborn son after enduring that ordeal was probably “Good.” It’s part of the Stoic philosophy that says, “The obstacle is the way.” Every obstacle should be seen as an opportunity to become tougher, stronger, and better. Check out Jocko’s video below to see what I mean.

Jocko Willink’s journey from a peaceful New England childhood to the frontlines of Navy SEAL operations in Ramadi and onto the entrepreneurial and motivational speaker stage is the tale of the relentless pursuit of excellence and adaptability.