In light of the U.S. State Department avoiding responsibility for a supposed rounding error that has given Iran an additional $50 billion in unfrozen assets, John Kerry has been honest about something else. The secretary of state has gone on record saying the United States government is aware that much of those funds will likely go toward supporting groups that are not our allies.

Of course he wouldn’t outright admit that those groups are terrorist groups, he only remarked that some of them might be “labeled” terrorist groups. So nothing to worry about, folks. They are just labeled terrorists. What’s in a name?

To give us additional assurance, he stated, “Right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time.” He immediately followed up with, “I’m sure at some point some of it will, but that has never made the difference in what is happening there.”

Can you believe that man was almost our president, and is serving as our secretary of state?

This is a similar situation to us releasing Gitmo detainees or making exchanges for them, with our government knowing those prisoners will be going right back to the waiting arms of their respective terrorist groups.

Watch the full explanation from Secretary Kerry below.