With the Canadian Special Operations Regiment article done, I am now moving towards Canada’s most elite group of soldiers: Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2).

JTF2 was created on April 1, 1993 right after the acceptation of federal counter-terrorism by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Before that, the RCMP had a team called Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) that was responsible for all counter-terrorism operations nationally.

The reasons were simple, Canadian Forces had a much bigger recruit pool and the general population were not really happy with having Law Enforcement Officers using lethal means as a first resource.

The first 100 members were drawn from the now disbanded Canadian Airborne Regiment and also from the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. They were given the old SERT training facility on Dwyer Hill, right outside Ottawa.

Their mission is simple: Protect the Canadian National Interest and combat terrorism at home and abroad.

As stated on the DND webpage, they are the highest readiness and most precise combat unit in the country. They are a specialized unit within CANSOFCOM that functions best when working jointly with every brand of the CAF to support the government of Canada. They are closely allied with the very best special operations forces worldwide, allowing them to operate seamlessly when called upon.

So who are the JTF2 operators? They are the quiet professionals, they always aspire to excellence, they work with their colleagues, they are a precise and accurate tool and most importantly, they are Canadians.

While people might think that they are only door kickers, they maintain a high readiness to be able to protect Canadian interests in any form all around the world.