On Sunday night, KPBS will launch the first of a ten-part, 18-hour presentation by film makers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on the Vietnam War. In recent weeks they have hosted numerous preview clips at private screenings from the series across the country from Los Angeles to New York City and smaller venues in San Diego.

For SOFREP readers, those who have viewed the previews were disappointed that there were no mention of Spec Ops forces deployed during the Vietnam War, no Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance mention, no Air Force PJs who performed heroically throughout the war living up to their motto “That Others May Live,” no Navy SEALs, or Army Special Forces mention – either from conventional coverage of A Camps by Green Berets across S. Vietnam, nor any mention apparently of the eight-year secret war conducted in Cambodia, Laos and N. Vietnam, nor any mention of Army Rangers, who fought fearlessly in some of the most hostile “Indian Country” in Southeast Asia.

That disappointment aside, the series will begin with Episode One, “Deja Vu: Looking Back on Vietnam’s History from 1858-1961,” with the 10th and final Episode entitled “The Weight of Memory,” from “March 1973-Onward.”

I personally haven’t viewed any of the series which PBS press releases say took 10 years to produce. I have interviewed two Vietnam veterans who have watched the preview clips of the series, and I had an  informal chat with the most respected Vietnam reporter to emerge from the war, Joe Galloway, who survived time on the ground with the 1st Cavalry on LZ X-Ray in 1965, which he wrote about in the book and film “We Were Soldiers Once,… and Young.”