A few days ago I was watching one of Discovery network’s shows on the Kennedy Assassination, and figured I’d throw my hat in with my own opinion as a former sniper instructor, and someone whop’s worked with the CIA when I was a SEAL. The shots are very makable, especially given Oswald’s background as a former Marine. The conspiracy stuff? I like a good conspiracy same as the next guy but, it’s time to hang up your tin foil hats when it comes to thinking that the CIA assassinated Kennedy. It’s a ridiculous notion to think that the CIA had any serious motive or that they would be capable of pulling this off on American soil. To think otherwise is to not understand the CIA and to give the agency far too much credit.

Note: the head of the CIA at the time , John McCone, was appointed by Kennedy, and they were very close friends. 

Some interesting Information:

  • Oswald was fully capable of making three shots in under 5.6 seconds. He was a trained USMC marksman, and if you know anything about the Marine Corps, then you know they can shoot.
  • Multiple tests from 1967 to present demonstrate that the shots taken by Oswald were very achievable.
  • The distance Kennedy was shot from is relatively close for a trained rifleman.
  • Not all moving targets are equal. A target moving away or towards you is much easier to hit then one moving perpendicular to your position. For this type of target, there’s virtually no lead required for the mover; Oswald only had to solve for elevation, the car carrying Kennedy was moving almost directly away from his position.
  • The Congressional investigation that followed concluded that the FBI conducted a thorough investigation.
  • The Presidential route was published the day before, making it easy to plan for.
  • A head shot is very attainable with room for error at less than 100 meters. You essentially have 6-8 Minutes of Angle (MOA-look it up) to play with here, with a long gun this is a very achievable shot, even with Oswald’s rifle.
  • While most men would have an elevated heart rate pointing a rifle at the President, Oswald was no stranger to shooting at people. After he was taken into custody, he admitted to an earlier assassination attempt on General Edwin Walker. He also shot and killed Officer Tippit in cold blood immediately following the Kennedy assassination.
  • Oswald was an admitted Communist.
  • The CIA had it’s own assassination program in the 1960s. To think the KBG didn’t have their own killing program would be naive.

Oswald spent a few years in the Marine Corps, and after that, he decided to turn in his US citizenship and head for Russia and Communism. He was denied citizenship by the Soviet Union in 1959. After this he attempted suicide and was put under brief psychiatric observation, and then allowed to live and work in Minsk.  He’s an interesting character with a history of being an outcast. I’d encourage you to read up on his history here.

It’s safe to speculate that Oswald was used as an asset (AKA “Spy”) by the KGB, regardless of his mental health issues. It is also very likely that the KGB wanted the extremely popular anti-communist American President dead. For every crime, there’s a motive, and the KGB motive to kill Kennedy likely existed. The dysfunctional Oswald would have made the perfect assassination puppet for the Russians. Multiple shooters? Maybe, but Oswald was the fall guy.