Kenyan Special Operations soldiers, operating near the Somalian border, have killed six al-Shabaab fighters while capturing another early on Friday, officials reported. 

North Eastern Regional Commissioner, Nick Dalana, confirmed that the terrorists were killed by a Kenya Army (KDF) Special Operations Team (SOT) at Jirole in Ijara Sub-County. British Special Air Service (SAS) and U.S. commandos have been training and advising the SOTs. 

On Thursday, several locals from Moyale Town in the border of Kenya and Ethiopia reported that five civilians were killed by gunmen, alleging that the gunmen were Ethiopian soldiers. The locals stated that the civilians had been killed on claims of harboring rebels.

Early on Friday morning, there were reports of Kenyan and Ethiopian soldiers clashing on the highway that separates the two countries. Kenya and Ethiopia have been having a territorial dispute over lands in Kenya’s north border.