In 2017, NEWSREP published an open letter titled Careerism, Cronyism, and Malfeasance in SWCS: The End of SF Capability,” which had been sent out anonymously to nearly everyone on Special Operations Command’s internal email list. The letter outlined, in detail, with specific examples, how Special Forces training has been watered down for political reasons. The story was picked up and reported by the mainstream media, and Major General Sonntag at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School (SWC) launched an internal investigation to identify those responsible for writing the letter.

Kristina Wong at Breitbart recently interviewed a number of Green Berets at Fort Bragg caught up in the investigation. The alleged author was discovered and issued an Article 15 administrative punishment while his company commander was relieved of duty. Two other Green Berets named Sergeant First Class Micah J. Robertson and Sergeant First Class Michael Squires claim they are being punished simply by association despite having nothing to do with the letter. SWC attempted to give each an Article 15, but they declined and requested a court-martial, the proceedings of which were later dropped. The command opted to give them both a letter of reprimand known as a GOMAR, which effectively end their careers. They have also been informed they are being discharged from the Army.

The actions being taken against Robertson and Squires appear punitive in nature to many involved. Both men insist they had nothing to do with the letter, although they say it is accurate and represents the frustration of many Q-Course instructors who have not had their concerns addressed by their command when previously mentioned at town hall meetings and other forums.

In 2018, NEWSREP reported on two arrests in one week at 7th Special Forces Group. A Green Beret named Derek McKinney is alleged to have murdered his estranged ex-wife, and a support soldier assigned to the unit, William Mrozek, is alleged to have sexually abused his two nieces, ages seven and 11. This week, the Army Times reported that both soldiers will be charged in civilian courts in February, writing that, “McKinney was charged with second-degree murder after the shooting death of his estranged ex-wife, while Mrozek faces two charges of sexual battery of a child under 12 years old and one count of child cruelty.”

These incidents take place as Special Operations Command is currently struggling to meet recruiting goals and has also had a long-running problem trying to retain those members who are already Special Forces qualified.  DOD is currently conducting an ethics probe and investigation into Special Operations Forces in the aftermath of a series of publicly revealed incidents to include alleged murders, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities within the special operations community.