Imagine you’re sitting in the grid-locked streets of Tehran just trying to get home so you can bang your wife (oh wait, are they allowed to do that in Iran?). As your penis fills with blood from all the naughty thoughts, you hear the slight thud of rare earth magnets adhering to your vehicle door.

At that moment a motorcycle passes by, but you never notice, because motorcyclists driving between cars in high-traffic areas is the norm. You look around and think, maybe the motorcyclist’s knee hit my door? Maybe the thud came from the car next to me, jeez, can that guy stick his finger any further up his nose? Then your thoughts default back to normal, like most men, to what’s really important – doggy style or reverse cowboy tonight? Then you explode. I mean your car explodes.

Daydreaming Is Deadly!

It’s easy, especially in traffic, to become completely unaware of your surroundings. Driving for long stretches of time or stuck in traffic puts drivers into a hypnosis like state – which is the perfect time to kill somebody or be killed.

Vanderbilt University discovered that recalling a visual memory can temporarily “contaminate” your current vision. For example, you see a former girlfriend walking down the street and reminisce about her great ass, how it felt, looked, bounced – or you hear an old song on the radio that reminds you of parachute pants you wore at a high school dance.