In his online magazine, Michael Yon has an interesting take on Green on Blue attacks.  The Taliban should use air power.

The Taliban claims that their recent attack on Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan was a direct attempt to kill Prince Harry.  Fifteen attackers breached the wire, killed two U.S. Marines, and destroyed six AV-8 Harriers with two more damaged.

The U.S. has bought the Afghan Air Force MI-17V5 helicopters and taught them to fire rockets.  This provides a renegade pilot the ability to attack an airfield, land 15 Taliban commandos in the middle of an ISAF base or deliver a 10.000 pound suicide bomb.

Wether they attack Harry, NATO aircraft or ISAF forces, this could be very bad.  I hope the bad guys don’t read Yon’s website.  I hope our red cell guys do.