In order to stay as current and informed as possible of both recent events and all other background knowledge in Syria, we wanted to provide a few resources that we find to be credible and on-point.  In the intelligence community, this is what is referred to as Open Source intelligence (OSINT)—publically available and overtly collected information.

OSINT is great for getting background knowledge on a particular topic, keeping current with the latest events happening around the world (think twitter in Abbottabad during UBL raid), or for accessing expert analysis from academics or other ten-pound brains who’ve studied and analyzed various aspects of an issue from multiple angles for years at a time.  Keep in mind with OSINT that it’s critical to corroborate any information with other sources, to verify its credibility and accuracy.

The list definitely isn’t all-inclusive but contains a few good primers, proven analysis, and intelligent discourse that we find to be useful.  If any of the readers have other sources they’d like to share, post them in the comments below so everyone can access them.  Information sharing is the key to accurately understanding such a complex and convoluted situation.

Special thanks to SOFREP’s own MAJROD for providing a few of these links and sharing his knowledge with the readership.  The discussion and intelligent debate that occurs at SOFREP is what makes it all the more valuable and unique.

Open Source Center

A project run by the CIA that provides information and analysis on foreign political, military, economic, and technical issues that might not make it into the usual mainstream media circles; however, only available to US federal, state, and local government employees and contractors.

Stratfor Analysis

A global intelligence company that provides great analysis on geopolitical and security issues around the world; they have sitreps, analysis, and other relevant reporting on Syria that weeds out a lot of what the mainstream media won’t.  Some of it requires a subscription—some doesn’t.