I am a big fan of the gun belts that Kore Essentials produces, and when I noticed that my traditional old leather wallet was falling apart I decided to look into Kore’s Slim Wallet and Carbon Fiber Money Clip.  It had the minimalist design that I was looking for, and with the removable carbon fiber money clip it is like having two wallets in one.

The outer pocket holds up to two cards, and the full-grain leather main pocket holds up to eight cards while utilizing a pull-tab that prevents having to dig cards out.  The main pocket is also RFID blocking to prevent chip scanning on debit or credit cards.  I use the main pocket to hold my CCW and hunting licenses as well as banking cards and insurance information, and the outer pocket for my driver’s license.  It is a truly minimalist wallet, but has plenty of room for my important items.

The carbon fiber money clip is advertised as being strong as steel and lighter than plastic.  After carrying the wallet for several weeks, I can’t argue with that statement.  It held up well in front and back pockets with various amounts of cash being held securely.  It is advertised as being able to secure up to 20 bills folded in half.   My personal preference is to carry the two items together, but when I tested using only the money clip it held my cash in place and did its job.

The entire wallet is incredibly lightweight and virtually disappears in your pocket when sitting or standing.  It was a welcome relief after having carried my full-size wallet for so many years.  I feel the $50 price tag on this wallet is fair for the quality and features that it offers, but they also sell the money clip ($30) as a standalone product in addition to a standalone bi-fold slim wallet ($40) if you prefer.