North Korea has been rattling its sabers against the South since hostilities ended nearly 60 years ago. In recent times, they torpedoed a Navy destroyer and shelled islands off the coast in their ongoing attempts to agitate and test the waters of resolve in the Seoul government.

Behind this show of strength, though, everyone knows the North faces a host of problems. Chief among these are starvation and a totalitarian system incapable of providing the basic needs of its people. Nevertheless, the same problems can’t be said of its military, which gets priority and boasts one of the highest manpower allotments in the world.

Indoctrinated at birth for complete devotion to their God-like leaders, they stand opposite the demilitarized zone with some 11,000 artillery pieces, carefully camouflaged and ready to rain destruction on their southern adversary the moment their leader decides the final showdown is at hand. Ready to embroil the peninsula in a bloody war likely to cost hundreds of thousands of lives…and the possibility of mushroom clouds.

Thankfully, it hasn’t happened…yet.