The Russian news agency Izvestia is reporting that on April 14th, Ukrainian forces launched strikes inside Russia on the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region, destroying 100 homes and injuring eight civilians.  Russia is also claiming that two settlements in the Belgorod region, Bezymeno and Spodaryusheno were shelled by artillery requiring their temporary evacuation. There was no reported damage or casualties reported in these alleged attacks.

According to Russian state-controlled media, these attacks follow a supposed Ukrainian attack on a Kursk region border checkpoint on April 13th.

Quoting a Russian military expert named Alexey Leonkov,  Izvestia states that these attacks on Russia are an attempt by Ukraine to undermine the morale of Russian citizens in their support of the “Special Military Operation” that Putin has launched against Ukraine,  “They [Ukraine’s forces] are attempting to persuade Russian citizens to demand that the special military operation be halted,” according to Izvestia.

These claims by Russia are most likely false for several reasons.