“Hello Facebook users,” Jordan says in a video uploaded yesterday. “How is your night?”

Jordan Matson, an American serving with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, uploaded a new video purporting to show the YPG receiving American air support.

“We’ll be going in as soon as he’s done,” Jordan announces on the video, indicating that the air strike was in direct support of a ground assault. Although Jordan labeled the video as being a C-130 strike, it is of course the AC-130 that provides air support. Armed with a 105mm howitzer and a 40mm Bofors cannon, the AC-130 brings an incredible amount of firepower to the table and has been used extensively to support U.S. Special Operations missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Global War on Terror.

Jordan’s video footage appears to show 40mm fire slamming into an ISIS target, rather than the 105mm howitzer which can literally bring the roof down on the enemy as this author witnessed in Iraq in 2005. Jordan has been with the YPG for nearly a year and has committed himself to the Kurdish battle against ISIS until they have achieved victory. SOFREP has not had the chance to speak to him since an in-person meeting in November.