It’s hard to believe that a few short months ago, I knew nothing of the endless variety of great products available at LA Police Gear (LAPG). Now, their stuff is integrated into my life as a part of my everyday wear and everyday carry.

Last week, I was at a huge industry trade show in Las Vegas. Over 61,000 people attended the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, also known simply as the SHOT Show. I would be on my feet all day and sometimes well into the night. What did I choose for comfort during those long days? Glad you asked. I chose to wear my LAPG Terrain Stealth Sneakers.

Why did I, out of the multitude of pairs of shoes that I own, choose these? Two reasons: They are damn comfortable, and they look great. I chose the Moss green and black colorway. Understated yet rugged. And the height is perfect, not low-cut but not too high either. They remain snugly on your foot throughout the day. They also go well with jeans and chinos, which was pretty much my show uniform. If they get dirty, just brush them off a bit, and they look good as new. It had been a while since I had a pair of suede sneakers, and these did not disappoint. The price sealed the deal; you can pick them up right now for less than $50 a pair. That is honestly amazing. The value hunter in me has struck a home run.

I feel the LAPG logo really sets them off.

The other thing that sold me on these shoes and made me want to wear them all week is that they have a generous cut. I have a foot a little on the wider side, and they slide right into the Stealth Sneakers with no issues whatsoever…even with my orthotics onboard.

Once you get one pair, you’ll want another, so you might as well buy both colorways right off the bat.

Knives to Last a Lifetime

I don’t know about you, but I really like knives. Ever since I was a little kid, I have carried a pocket knife. This was only after my father taught me how to safely use it as the tool it is. I carried a blade with me through my 16 years of military service. Even today, I still don’t feel properly dressed without having a knife as part of my everyday carry.

Recently, decided to try out a couple of knives from LAPG. Everything else I got from them was solid, so why not try a knife? The price was so good I picked up two at once. I’ll tell you about the rescue knife first.

LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife



When you first pick up a knife, you can tell right away whether it fits right in your hand or it doesn’t. Chances are, if it doesn’t pass that first test, you’ll never pick it up again. I’ve been using mine for several weeks now, so it passed the test. You can immediately tell it is rock solid, and at a closed length of 5″, it fills up my entire hand. Coming in at 5 oz. It has just the right amount of heft. It’s hard to explain, but it is just satisfying to hold. Of course, being a knife guy (no pun intended), the next thing I immediately do is see how smoothly it opens. Give the finger tab a quick flick, and the sturdy blade snaps to attention quicker than a Marine in boot camp.

A big smile comes across my face. Snapping a blade into place like that is one of life’s little pleasures. You know what I mean. It works equally well with the thumb opening or finger tab.

The open length of this piece is 8.25″, and the blade itself is composed of 8Cr14MoV steel and measures 3.25″. It’s available with a partially serrated edge, but I chose mine without. You can order it as a drop point or a tanto point in a variety of handle colors. As you can see, I went old-school black.

The knife is only 0.5″ thick and has a low-profile pocket clip. This means you carry it in almost any kind of pants or shorts and hardly notice it is there. I usually clip mine into my watch pocket.

You may be wondering why this is called a rescue knife. Mainly, it has to do with the fact that it has a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker. This would make a fine tool for any EMT, Paramedic, or Police Officer.

The price? Hold on, you’re not going to believe this. It is on sale for $19.99. It would, no BS, be a bargain at two or three times that much. You can pick one up here.

The LAPG TBFK S35VN EDC Folding Knife

That’s quite a mouthful, so I won’t be typing the full description again. I just call it my EDC folder. Just so you know, TBFK stands for “The Best F***ing Knife.” I like the folks at LAPG; they don’t pull any punches.


This baby is made with high-quality S35VN steel. I’m no metallurgist, but I do know that particular type of steel is renowned for its ability to stand up to long-term hard use, and it is about four times tougher than more commonly used types of steel like 154CM or 440C. It is also easier to sharpen. Win-win.

This knife, too, feels rock solid in your hand and can be easily flipped open using the thumb stud or flipper tab. The 3mm thick blade measures 3 3/8″, and the overall length of the piece, when opened, is an impressive 8″.

It features a drop point blade, and the pocket clip is placed to enable a tip-up carry.

You get all of this for the amazingly reasonable price of $41.99 and can buy one here.