Recently, our friends at LA Police Gear (LAPG) were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs of boots and a tactical bail-out gear bag to check out. You see, they know I spent 16 years in the Army and have worn just about every kind of boot known to man in just about every condition you can think of. Also, I spent the vast majority of those years with a “go bag” packed and ready just in case the call came to go wheels up in a hurry.

America’s Best-Selling Bug Out Bag

Fast forward to 2024, and my old bail-out gear bag was getting a bit, well….old. So, I’ve replaced it with the new LA Police Gear Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag. Because, hey, you never know when the zombie apocalypse may be upon us, and you have to be prepared. In all seriousness, with all the uncertainty in our world, you do have to be prepared to survive on your own for a bit, and a bag like this is a great place to start. I have it on good authority that this is America’s #1 best-selling all-purpose bug-out bag. I can believe that. Let me tell you why.

A good detail shot where you can see the quality of the construction and my high-speed LAPG folder with a high-quality S35VN steel blade. Riding shotguns are a water bottle, a plasma lighter, and a 30-round mag of 5.56. Photo by the author.

To start with, the bag is just the right size. When not on stand-by for something else, it’s the perfect size for a carry-on to fly with. It will fit right under that cramped seat in front of you, no problem at all. The approximate external dimensions are 16″ X 11 X 6.5″. Construction is with 600 Denier Nylon. The interior of the bag is large enough to hold a change of clothes and is lined with polyester. You can’t see it in the photos, but it comes with a wide and comfortable removable shoulder strap.

Come to think of it, the bag is not a whole lot larger than my laptop computer bag, but it can carry much more thanks to the generous number of pockets and their clever placement. My 13″ laptop fits inside perfectly, and I don’t have to worry about scratches thanks to the soft lining.

One thing my laptop bag lacks that my new bail-out gear bag possesses is a hidden pistol compartment that will easily accommodate my SIG P338 with room to spare. Since you probably want some bullets to go along with that gun, there are four accessory pockets that will accommodate magazines of varying sizes. In the featured picture of this piece, you can see my 3o round magazine of 5.56  fits into one of the pockets quite nicely.

In the etcetera department, there are external pouches and pockets to hold things like knives, pens, flashlights, beef jerky…just about anything you can think of.

Here’s the best part: LAPG’s Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag can be yours for only $29.99. At that price, I suggest getting two. Keep one packed with your essential bug-out gear and use the other one for traveling or simply lugging stuff from place to place. You can’t beat it.

LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8″ Side Zip Waterproof Duty Boot

Here they are, fresh out of the box. Pretty good-looking, huh? Photo by the author.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve worn all kinds of boots in my time. I’ve had expensive boots that were poorly made and hurt my feet, and I’ve owned boots of a more modest cost that held up to years of wear and tear. In the boot world, you can’t judge the quality of a product by its price alone.

The particular boot from LAPG’s Sector Duty boot line was to my liking because it was 8″ high and has a side zipper. It’s also waterproof but still breathes well. Nobody likes wet feet. Since I have Fred Flintstone feet and fallen arches, the first thing I did was stick my custom-made VA-issued orthotics into the boot. Because I ordered a wide size, they fit just fine. If your foot is a little less Sasquatch-like, you may fare better with a standard width.

I immediately noticed that the zipper closed flawlessly and there was a lot of padding in these boots. They are quite comfy, not at all like those stiff leather things you were issued in basic training back in the day. I wore these all day long right out of the box with no sign of fatigue. I might note that because of the side zipper, these boots are not AR-670 compliant and cannot be worn as part of an Army uniform.

I’ve only owned them a few weeks, but can tell they are made to last. The toe and heel are reinforced, as are the lace eyelets. The upper is constructed of suede and ballistic nylon, and there is a gusseted tongue to keep debris out of the boot. The rubber outsole is non-marking and features an aggressive tread.

So, what’s the price of the LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8″ Side-Zip Waterproof Duty Boot? Less than a hundred bucks. Way less. How about $79.99? No kidding. As the Marines like to say, “get some”.

LA Police Gear BDF Core 6″ Duty Boot

Basic black that would look a lot better if I had put some polish on them. In a strange way, I sort of miss polishing boots. Photo by the author.

These surprised me a bit because they didn’t come in a wide size, but I said I’d give them a shot anyway. My foot slid into the size 10.5 boots with no issue, so we can cross that off the list.

I immediately liked these because I like black boots/shoes and they were only six inches high. I don’t like a pair of boots to go halfway up my leg. Despite being very affordable, these boots featured a lot of padding in all the right places. And by “right places,” I mean the tongue and ankle area.

The uppers are made of polishible full-grain leather and ballistic nylon. The tongue is mesh, making it lightweight and breathable. The lace eyelets are reinforced and appear to be quite sturdy. The outsole has an aggressive tread and is resistant to oil.

I found them to be quite comfortable and look forward to integrating them into my footwear lineup. Like all LAPG products I have tried, they are extraordinarily well made and can be had a quite a reasonable price. The LA Police Gear BFD Core 6″ Duty Boot can be yours for only $39.99.

There are two reasons so many people keep going back to LAPG: price and quality. I’ve positive aspects of both in the products I’ve reviewed above.

Go ahead and check out the full line of LAPG products available online today. Tell ’em Guy from SOFREP sent you.