Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT (because its a stupid set of words to try and pronounce) is actually a concerning terror group worth pushing out of the closet, yes, the closet. Most extreme Muslims are pedophiles, they like little boys more than woman.

I think taking some time to identify who they are, where they operate, and the tactics utilized is a good start to their termination. After all, turning the media spotlight on them just might make them important enough to start killing.

Who is LeT?

LeT is labeled a terrorist organization by the west and India – especially India – and specifically Kashmir. LeT was stood up by the Pakistani Inner Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency to “liberate” Kashmir from India.

LeT has become a rabid dog with no master. ISI has lost control of the group so they keep funding, training, and supporting them because they’d rather have LeT as a friend vice a foe. The group wants to destroy the Indian Republic and kill all Jews and Hindus. They have decided that India, Israel, and of course, the United States, are enemies of Islam. They believe that violent jihad is all Muslims duty – blah blah blah… Terror groups really need to update their rhetoric.

LeT’s 8 Objectives

1. Ending Persecution against Muslims. (Here’s an idea: stop killing yourselves, other Muslims, and westerners – then and only then will the persecution end.)

2. Establish Islam as the dominant way of life in the world. (Here’s an old fact: Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion!)

3. Force Infidels to pay Jizya. (News Alert: We are already taxed heavily – most of which goes toward killing you terrorists – taxes paid!)

4. Fight for the weak and feeble against oppressors. (Here’s a question: Who exactly are you fighting for, and do they want you to represent them?)