Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT (because its a stupid set of words to try and pronounce) is actually a concerning terror group worth pushing out of the closet, yes, the closet. Most extreme Muslims are pedophiles, they like little boys more than woman.

I think taking some time to identify who they are, where they operate, and the tactics utilized is a good start to their termination. After all, turning the media spotlight on them just might make them important enough to start killing.

Who is LeT?

LeT is labeled a terrorist organization by the west and India – especially India – and specifically Kashmir. LeT was stood up by the Pakistani Inner Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency to “liberate” Kashmir from India.

LeT has become a rabid dog with no master. ISI has lost control of the group so they keep funding, training, and supporting them because they’d rather have LeT as a friend vice a foe. The group wants to destroy the Indian Republic and kill all Jews and Hindus. They have decided that India, Israel, and of course, the United States, are enemies of Islam. They believe that violent jihad is all Muslims duty – blah blah blah… Terror groups really need to update their rhetoric.

LeT’s 8 Objectives

1. Ending Persecution against Muslims. (Here’s an idea: stop killing yourselves, other Muslims, and westerners – then and only then will the persecution end.)

2. Establish Islam as the dominant way of life in the world. (Here’s an old fact: Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion!)

3. Force Infidels to pay Jizya. (News Alert: We are already taxed heavily – most of which goes toward killing you terrorists – taxes paid!)

4. Fight for the weak and feeble against oppressors. (Here’s a question: Who exactly are you fighting for, and do they want you to represent them?)

5. Revenge for killed Muslims. (Another idea: Start your revenge series with suicide bombers – that will probably stump you for a bit…)

6. Punishing enemies for violating oaths and treaties. (blah blah blah blah – hypocrisy…)

7. Defend all Muslim states. (With what? Rocks?)

8. Recapture occupied Muslim territory. (I didn’t know dirt had a religion? Grow up!)

On a more serious note…

The Mumbai Attack

One of my good friends is an international tradecraft historian and expert – the best in the world. He opened my eyes to how lethal LeT had become.

Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in Mumbai
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in Mumbai

LeT was responsible for the Mumbai attacks that killed roughly 200 people and injured even more. What most don’t know is how methodical the attack really was, their use of technology, and the US connection to the entire operation. So let’s break the operation down nice and simple.

US Puts $10M Bounty on Hafiz Saeed Founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba

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The Mumbai Attack, I hate to say it, was an incredibly well-executed operation.

Cross Border Infil: The LeT Kill Team infiltrated India from Pakistan utilizing a series of “at sea rendezvous” and transferring from dhow to dhow under the cover of darkness (very difficult to execute). To prevent compromise of the dhows used, the teams final act at sea was the pirating of a fishing vessel for the final leg of the journey.

They boarded the fishing vessel at night, killed everyone on board, transferred their equipment and combat rubber raiding craft (CRRC or Zodiac), and motored the pirated vessel just off the coast of Mumbai. The team transferred to the CRRC and under the cover of darkness executed a flawless OTB (over the beach) landing. Once on the beach, they changed into disguises, walked to the closest main road, and hailed taxi’s.

Not a bad start!

Tactical Integration of Deception: The use of disguises, improvised explosives, and the overall plan of attacked was laced with impressive and cunning shades of deception.

First, once they landed on the beaches of Mumbai, they dressed up in a “uniform” that was worn by a known Indian terror group. The Indian terror group wore blue shirt, khaki pants, and the real identifier – a red/orange wrist band. This level of dissociation from LeT was enough to confuse the media and investigators long after the attack.

Clandestine use of IED’s: Improvised explosives were implemented through the same taxi cabs that were hailed on the beach – turning each taxi cab into a “Trojan horse”, unwitting to the taxi drivers.

The taxis ended up exploding at the airport, at the same time, exactly one hour after the LeT kill team arrived in Mumbai. Each cab driver was asked one question that determined their fate – “Are you Muslim or Hindu?” Unfortunately for the drivers, they were all Hindu. Clandestinely from the backseat of the taxi cabs, the improvised explosives were placed under the drivers seat by the LeT terrorists.

I will continue to piece this together for you over the next couple of articles – but as usual, please provide your own input! More to follow!!

Be the Sheepdog,

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