According to BAS News, the highest ranking surviving member of Iraq’s Baath party is reported to have been injured by an American airstrike in Sinjar, Iraq. Al-Douri (seen in the lead picture with Saddam Hussein) was the King of Clubs on America’s deck of 52 most wanted personalities during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Reports indicate that he was injured after being forced out of Tikrit when Iranian-backed Shia militias recently re-took large portions of the city, along with small elements of Iraqi Special Operations.

If true, this is another piece of evidence which advances the thesis which SOFREP laid out in The ISIS Solution: that the leadership cell behind ISIS is in fact packed full of Baath party survivors who previously served the Saddam Hussein regime.  Western media outlets have been mesmerized by a narrative of radical Islam being the driving factor behind ISIS, when in fact, ISIS is simply a vehicle which capitalizes on Islamist narratives to suit the power plays made by the puppet masters behind the scenes.

Al-Douri is a survivor if anything, but he isn’t getting any younger.  At this stage in the game he would be one of the prime actors mentoring a younger generation of militants, militants who use the instrumentations of extreme Islam for purposes of real politek.  ISIS isn’t about Islam, it is about seizing political power.  If the foot soldiers in their war are motivated by religious ideology, growing long beards, and shouting “allah akbar” than people like Al-Douri would be more than happy to see them fight and die for his cause.

The Brookings Institute also did an in-depth study on ISIS leadership and also uncovered an interesting number of former Iraqi Army officers and Baath party members within the ranks.

Coalition airstrikes occur almost daily within Sinjar, the beleaguered city which was the homeland for Iraq’s Yezidi religious minority.  Currently, the Peshmerga is unable, or unwilling, to re-take the city which is said to be held by only 100 or so ISIS fighters.  The Yezidi people have been murdered, tortured, raped, turned into refugees, and sold into sexual slavery by ISIS.

Sinjar is also has strategic value as a main supply route linking the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria with Mosul in Northern Iraq.  That Al-Douri was injured there after fleeing Tikrit leaves no doubt as to the fact of his allegiance to ISIS.  The BAS report goes on to state that after being injured, Al-Douri was flown to Qatar for medical treatment, “after cooperation between a number of sympathetic parties.”