At 8 a.m. a gunman opened fire at seemingly random targets at an elementary school in Tehama county, Northern California, just 130 miles north of Sacramento. The shooter was allegedly driving a stolen F-150 and was toting some kind of semi-automatic rifle and two pistols. According to CBS News, a total of 10 patients have been admitted to local hospitals, but other patients may have gone to different hospitals. As far as we know, none of the fatalities were children.

The unknown gunman was shot dead by the sheriff’s deputies and a motive for his shooting spree has not yet been determined.

The shooter opened fire at the elementary school, but it seems he was mobile and was shooting well before the school, at least a couple of miles away before he even got there. Again, it did not start at the school. He eventually crashed his truck, stole another car, and continued to shoot, taking shots at targets of opportunity. This included a mother and her son who were driving to school–though the son is likely to live, his mother is in grave danger and currently in the hospital.

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston | AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

The police have set up seven different crime scenes as each shooting location warrants its own cordoning off.

According to the Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston, the entire rampage lasted roughly 45 minutes before he was subdued and killed by police officers. Johnston would add that, “I have to tell you I am personally grateful to the men who engaged this suspect.”

Johnston also confirmed that the school has been cleared, and that a number of students have been successfully medevaced. “I know that we have the children that were attending school in a safe location at this time.”

“It was very clear at the onset that we had a subject that was randomly picking targets,” Johnston said.

The gunman allegedly had a reported instance of domestic violence on Monday and some reports have said he was out on parole at the time, which, if true, would have prevented him from legally purchasing the firearm.

This comes just after the recent shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX and the devastating shooting in Las Vegas.


Images courtesy of AP Images.