Lebanon isn’t in the news much these days but has the potential to blow up into a major conflict. 

The country is facing a couple of big problems right now

Firstly, Lebanon is going through one of the deepest economic crises in the world today — a crisis that puts it in the precipice of becoming a failed state. Years of rampant corruption and terrible governing has left it with a huge debt problem. And help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) won’t be forthcoming. Why? Because the Lebanese government won’t ask for it. And the reason is simple: Hezbollah won’t accept the conditions that the IMF will set in bailing the country out. 

Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah said, a month ago, that Hezbollah was against the type of terms typically imposed by the IMF as part of any bailout.

“The position is not toward the Fund as an international financial institution but on the terms offered to Lebanon because they will lead to a popular revolution,” (author’s emphasis) Fadhallah said. 

Sheikh Naim Qassem, the Deputy Hezbollah leader in Lebanon called the IMF “a tool of the Americans” adding that “Lebanon would not submit.”

But the biggest problem facing Lebanon and the Lebanese people is Hezbollah. 

Hezbollah may have a Lebanese face, such as Fadlallah and Qassem, but it isn’t Lebanese at all. It is Iranian and takes its guidance from Tehran. Hassan Nasrallah, the bombastic Hezbollah leader, will execute any orders from Iran whether it benefits Lebanon or not, even if it means the destruction of the country so long as it benefits Tehran’s long-range goals.