As mentioned in Part 1, the spotlight is pointed at Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) – they have proven to be a very organized and lethal group of terrorists. Pakistani Intelligence is responsible for their creation, funding, and training.

I want them highlighted, targeted, and destroyed – so spread these articles – spread their capabilities – and lets put these fucks in shallow graves.

Below is a continuation of their capabilities and operational creativity…

Tactical and Disciplined Marksmanship

One of the more concerning element of the attack was the conservative yet very effective marksmanship of the LeT terrorists.

This was the first terror attack that utilized bullets, not explosives, to kill 200 plus people…all of which were killed with disciplined shots of two or three rounds per victim.

What’s even more impressive – there were only 10 LeT terrorist involved from beginning to end, the entire operation! Ten…10…2 less than a dozen bad guys surgically killed an overwhelming number of people in 58 hours; not to mention, lit the Taj Mahal, The Jewish House, and the Trident on fire.

Only once, they switched from semi-automatic to automatic and sprayed a police vehicle they ended up commandeering. The rest of the operation, they were on semi-automatic making every bullet count.

Effective Mission Planning and Execution

After multiple nighttime maritime rendezvous at sea, after the pirating of a fishing vessel, crossing the beach into India, downing disguises, hailing taxis, emplacing IED’s under the taxi drivers seats, and simultaneous denotation of those IED’s  – the team acted out the rest of their plan.

The 10-man team broke up into 2 teams. One team was 6 strong (A-Team) and the other was 4 strong (B-Team).

B-Team’s mission was to create chaos, distract everyone from A-Team’s mission. B-Team targeted several restaurants and bars frequented by westerners, the train station, and random drive by shootings of other places in Mumbai.

All the while, A-Team silently split up into three 2-man teams and took 3 hotels hostage. Yes, 2 men per hotel – one of which was the Taj Mahal.

Cross Border Command and Control

During the entire operation the terrorists were “handled” by Pakistani ISI Intelligence Officers located in Pakistan. There was constant communication, direction, motivation and, of course, prayers in the attackers ears.

The ISI navigated the teams through Mumbai via the Internet and media reports allowing them to avoid obstacles. The ISI provided real time intelligence and early warnings for every move law enforcement made. The ISI talked each member of the team into fighting to the death or killing themselves, with the exception of one survivor.

Once again, please feel free to add your invaluable comments – the more we educate – the more innocent people survive…. Part 3 to follow.

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