I’d like to introduce former Navy SEAL Chris Hagerman as our latest contributing editor. We’ll post a full bio for Chris shortly but he has an extensive career in Special Operations and a great reputation, we’re glad to have him on board, please join me in giving him a warm welcome.

Brandon, Editor

It was a planned terrorist attack?  It was not premeditated?  There were angry protestors outside the consulate? There were no protestors at all? Are any Americans wondering what the hell is going on in Libya?

It appears that the United States political machine is once again confused about the events leading up to the attack in Benghazi and many are leftscratching their head wondering how something like this could happen, when the reality is that the attack was imminent.

What is known is that the four Americans killed in the attack were experienced and seasoned on the ground professionals, unlike the many politicians who have somehow become current experts in overseas security and foreign policy, those of us on the inside know that the attack in Benghazi was not spur of the moment, and that there was actionable intelligence from not only the intelligence community, but the Ambassador himself that may have mitigated or reduced the risk of an attack.

Prior to the attack, Ambassador Stevens had notified the State Department that he had immense concern in hearing of his name being added to an Al Qaeda hit list, of the growing threat and presence of Al Qaeda groups in the area, and of the overall continued security threats in Benghazi.  Additionally, the Regional Security Officer at the United States Embassy in Tripoli had made repeated requests for additional security augmentation forces and security measures to be provided to both Tripoli and Benghazi.

The State Departmentdenied these requests and appears to have completely ignored their “leader on the ground.” There is also evidence that there were recommendations made to close the consulate in Benghazi due to the severe threat, however this information was never passed up the chain of command.

Counterterrorism Director Matt Olsen testified Wednesday on Capitol Hill that the attack on the United States Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack.  He also stated that origin of the assault may circle back to Al Qaeda.  Meanwhile, the White House is sticking to the story that the attack was not premeditated.