According to a new report released by Lithuania’s intelligence service said on Monday, Russia has upgraded its military presence in the region, permitting them to launch an attack on the Baltic states with as little as twenty-four hours’ notice, meaning even the recently upgraded NATO countermeasures may no longer be sufficient to engage or repel a Russian invasion.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were all annexed by the Soviet Union in the 1940s, but following its fall in the early 90’s, each of the three nations became members of both NATO and the European Union.  They have each also grown increasingly nervous about the possibility of history repeating itself since Russia militarily annexed Crimea from the Ukraine in 2014, and NATO had been placing thousands of troops throughout Europe’s Eastern border with Russia for just such a possibility.

Lithuania produces annual reports on the state of the Russian threat to their nation and the surrounding region, but this year’s report came with a foreboding warning: Russia has been amassing troops and equipment in the Kalingrand region since last year’s report was filed – making the lead time necessary for a Russian attack significantly shorter than that of any NATO response that could currently be mounted.

Included among the recent Russian upgrades are Su-30 fighter aircraft and missile systems that could place any ships in the Baltic Sea directly in Russian crosshairs.