Under General Anesthesia

In a recent update from the Pentagon, officials at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center announced that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin underwent a procedure requiring general anesthesia on Monday, aimed at addressing bladder complications. This hospital visit, which follows Austin’s admission for similar concerns, marks his third in a short span, signaling a series of health challenges that have emerged since his prostate cancer diagnosis last December—a detail initially kept secret from the public.

“We are optimistic about a full recovery and will be keeping a close watch on him through the night,”

stated Dr. John Maddox, the trauma medical director, alongside Dr. Gregory Chesnut, who heads the Center for Prostate Disease Research at the Murtha Cancer Center, reflecting a hopeful outlook on Austin’s recuperation.

A Brief Stay Anticipated

The duration of Austin’s stay at the hospital remains unspecified, yet the medical team anticipates it won’t be extended. During a press briefing, Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesperson, deferred to the medical statement for inquiries about Austin’s health, underscoring a cautious approach to public disclosures this time around.