If you’ve spent anytime on Loadoutroom.com then you already know that we have a unique perspective on gear. “Gear is life and life is gear” can easily sum up our philosophy as well as begin to describe our passion and approach. 

In an effort to “Step it up” a notch we have been working hard to build out an amazing writing team and today I’m going to introduce you to some of the new writers as well as invite you to head on over to The Loadout Room to check out their stuff.

Peter-MedvedovskyYou can head on over to Peter Medvedovsky page and experience guns and gear through the perspective of someone who’s served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion for over 6 years with multiple combat deployments. You get a guy  like Peter hungry enough (which is easy to do to a Ranger) and he’ll tell you what a Multi tool tastes like. 

Also allow me to introduce Jonathan Wade as the newest member of the Loadout Room team. Some of you are already fans of Jonathan’s work here on SOFREP; but incase you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet:

Jonathan-wadeJonathan is an Afghanistan combat veteran who served for 14 years as a Canadian light infantryman. He distinguished himself as a TCCC operator saving numerous ANA lives under fire, earning the Chief of Defense Staff Commendation. As an ANA mentor, Jonathan was WIA and is now writing for SOFREP and the Loadout Room.

I was particularly excited to learn that Jonathan is a serious “Airsoft” enthusiast. That sport brings an incredible amount relevance to our training and testing world and should make up for the fact that French was his first language.

Head on over now to the Loadout Room and “Get Some!”