The 5.11 Tactical Artillery Long Sleeve Polo stands out in my collection of 5.11 gear for its blend of comfort and practicality. It epitomizes the brand’s ethos of “Always Be Ready,” offering a versatile design that’s equally suited for work, casual outings, range visits, or outdoor adventures.

Made for the Active Individual

This shirt is crafted with the needs of an active individual in mind. It features moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool in warm conditions, which is especially valuable in hot climates like Florida, where I live. Moreover, its anti-odor technology is a boon for those active days, helping to keep you fresh. The shirt is thoughtfully designed with a pen slot in the chest pocket and a unique pen pocket on the left sleeve, enhancing its functionality. Available in five distinct colors – coin, peacoat, black, moss, and ensign blue – it offers variety while maintaining a professional appearance.

Field Tested and Proven

The 5.11 Tactical Artillery Long Sleeve Polo is a robust and versatile garment, impressively enduring through various activities like range days, intense fitness sessions, and even urgent SWAT operations. Its woven shoulder sleeves are a standout feature, offering optimal compatibility with a plate carrier – a factor that has been tested by Loadout Room staff during swift response situations. The additional fabric in the design not only enhances durability but also increases comfort, especially when carrying a backpack on hikes.

When it comes to sizing, the Artillery Polo aligns well with the standard sizing, but it does embrace a more contemporary, “modern” fit. This means it’s slightly snugger around the shoulders. So, for those who prefer a looser fit or need extra room, I recommend opting for a size larger. This is particularly true for those who jokingly refer to their physique as more ‘cans than a six-pack.’

My overall view of this shirt is overwhelmingly positive. It’s my top pick in the 5.11 range, striking a perfect balance between style and comfort, looking equally sharp whether tucked in or left out. Priced at $59.99, it offers good value considering its multifunctionality and quality. A minor quibble is the internal tag at the left rib cage, which, while not overly bothersome, could be placed better. It’s easily removable, however, and doesn’t detract from my overall satisfaction with the shirt. For those interested in more details, there’s a helpful video review available. Check it out.

SWAT Operator Matt Walker Rocks the 5.11 Tactal Artillery Long Sleeve Polo