What a week. The forces of the mighty establishment Empire appeared to be striking back, quashing the rebellious outsiders in a series of skirmishes across the land. It was hard not to see presidential politics this past week through the prism of the new Star Wars trailer, which premiered during last week’s Monday Night Football game.

Darth Vader’s “Imperial March” echoed in my head as Hillary Clinton solidified her control over the disparate elements of the Democratic party, and fended off attacks by the Republican House. A wise and composed John Kasich appeared on television, like an aged and Dagobah-sequestered Yoda, to shower his wisdom on a town hall at Dartmouth.

The new cast members in electoral politics—Carson, Trump, and Sanders—also continued to hog the spotlight from most of the original players. Clinton stands alone as the Han Solo of the current race—the lone returning cast member with a major role.