Syrian Conflict

The Syrian War started in 2011 as an uprising and protests against the government of Syria led by Bashar Al Assad. Originally, the rebel forces were known as the Free Syrian Army, but later splintered into several different groups, one of which is ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The conflict has several internal and external groups and nations fighting for control of Syria and Northern Iraq.

This conflict has grown in complexity, with more groups and nations being pulled into the conflict, since the beginning in 2011. Included, to varying degrees: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Russia and the United States. Some major non-state groups involved are: The Free Syrian Army, ISIL, the Kurds, and various other rebel groups.

Developments:  Recently Russia has agreed to transport the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria following the downing of a Russian IL-20 reconnaissance plane, for which Russia blamed Israel. Four Israeli F-16 fighters left on September 17 to hit targets it says were manufacturing weapons eventually to be used against Israel. The Syrians mistakenly fired at the Russian plane killing all on board, and Russia announced afterward that they would send the new S-300 system to Syria. Russia blames Israel for this incident, in which they claim the Israeli fighters used the Russian plane as cover causing all on board to perish after Syrian forces fired at it.