Ralmanzow Bell, a 21 year old man, caused panic at a restaurant in Idaho as he climbed up on top of the bar and yelled “Allah is the only one true god!” Bell was wearing a backpack and many of the people in the restaurant thought that he had a bomb and was about to carry out a terrorist attack. Police arrived within two minutes but the man was already restrained by the bartenders. Police say that the man was drunk and was only arrested for drunk and disorderly behavior.

bell mug_1467506398282_3680699_ver1.0
Ralmanzow Bell (image: Caldwell Police Department)

According to a KIVI TV:

Authorities say they received multiple 911 calls claiming a man had a gun and possibly a bomb in a backpack.  A bartender tackled the man and grabbed the backpack before throwing it down an alley outside.

“I grab the backpack and then I run it as far as I can to the alley, and then everybody is telling me throw the bag, don’t carry it, but you know, I’m trying to get it as far away as I possibly can.  You know, better me than a hundred people,” said bartender Christopher Ozuna.

Police arrived on scene within a minute and determined there was no real threat.  There was no gun and the only thing in the backpack was a bottle of alcohol.  Caldwell Police say Bell has an extensive history with police.  Officers tell us he was so drunk he was taken to a hospital before he was booked.

“After he sobered up last night I think he kind of saw what his actions were and was kind of shocked by his own actions,” said Lt. Joey Houdley of the Caldwell Police Department.