Paris, France- A 39-year-old man identified by police as Zied B. was shot and killed at the Paris Orly airport after trying to take an officer’s weapon. According to CNN, the man tried to tackle a female officer, grabbed her gun, and was then shot by two other officers on patrol with her. Reportedly, the man also was involved in a carjacking and fired a pellet gun at an officer during a traffic stop 90 minutes prior to the airport shooting. The hijacked car was recovered by police at the airport and the officer had minor injuries from the traffic stop.

Zied B. had previously expressed some radical Islamic views and this was more than likely an act of terror.

Prosecutors did not release the man’s identity, but they confirmed that he was 39 years old and had a criminal record of nine separate instances of drug and robbery offenses. Although he had not previously appeared in certain government terrorist watch lists, prosecutors said Saturday afternoon that the suspect had been on the government’s radar for Islamic extremism in the past. –Washington Post

Following the incidents today, Zied B.’s father and brother were taken into police custody for questioning.

The man’s father and brother were taken into police custody, a judicial source said. BFM TV, without giving a source, said the attacker had texted his father saying: “I’ve screwed up. I’ve shot a policeman.”- Reuters