On Tuesday, a Florida man attempted to board an airplane at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania with a realistic but non-functioning rocket-propelled grenade (RPG-7) launcher and inert PG-7 anti-tank rocket.

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) search discovered the launcher and rocket in the passenger’s checked bag. When found at his gate preparing to leave for Orlando, he told TSA officials he believed it was permissible to pack an inert replica, CBS12 reported.

On the same day, a number of mail bombs were discovered in the U.K., including at Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, none detonated, but when an airport employee attempted to open one of the packages, the bomb inside burst into flames.

The packages are reported to have been stamped with postage from Ireland with a return address of Dublin, prompting fears about the New IRA. This seems a little too much like an obvious provocation, but an investigation is ongoing.

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