Last week, a video surfaced on the internet appearing to show a man jumping off a cruise ship while the vessel was docked in Nassau, Bahamas. The man in question, who identified himself as Nick Naydev, recently took to his YouTube account to explain why he did it, and what happened to him after he returned to shore.

“I had just woke up, we just got to Nassau, Bahamas, and I looked out my balcony. I saw all my friends taking pictures of the island,” Naydev said in the video. “I went outside and told them, ‘Hey, what if I jumped off the ship right now?’ Everybody got excited, they told me, ‘You should do it,’ and next thing you know I was jumping off the ship.”

After hitting the water, Naydev claims he was picked up by a passing small boat and returned to the dock, where officials from Royal Caribbean immediately detained him. Initially, ship security believed Naydev was suicidal and the jump a failed suicide attempt. However, they quickly discovered the stunt was nothing more than a misguided attempt to impress his friends, after which they expelled Naydev and the rest of the group, turning them over to local authorities.