London– A police officer was reportedly stabbed by a man outside of the British Parliament building. Several police officers on scene shot and killed the man after he injured the police officer. The situation is still developing and police are still on scene. There are also reports of several people being injured by a vehicle after it hit the railings of the Westminster building. Witnesses stated the driver fled the scene and then shortly after that gunshots were heard. Police have not confirmed if the driver of the vehicle was the man shot outside the Parliament building. Police stated they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack.


The House of Commons was suspended today after gunshots were heard outside. According to the Guardian, David Lidington, the leader of the House of Commons, told MPs:

Colleagues will have appreciated that events have been moving rapidly and I want to emphasise that the knowledge that I have which is definite is so far very limited.

What I am able to say to the House is that there has been a serious incident within the estate. It seems that a police officer has been stabbed; that the alleged assailant was shot by armed police.

An air ambulance is attending the scene to remove the casualties. There are also reports of further violent incidents in the vicinity.- The Guardian

Breaking: Terrorist attack in London, 2 dead, suspect killed by police

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SOFREP will continue to track this story and publish updates. More to follow.

Update 12:55 EST- Two people have been reported dead from the terrorist attack. At least 10 people have been treated by EMS.

Image courtesy of Sky News

Update 13:11 EST– The image below is an alleged perpetrator being treated by EMS. SOFREP’s Derek Gannon, former Special Forces medic, commented that the man was probably in cardiac arrest at the time of the image being taken as AED pads are seen on his body.

Image courtesy of Facebook.

Update 16:13 ESTAP is reporting 4 people are dead and 20 people were injured in the deadly terrorist attack, two deceased are the terrorist as well as the police officer who was initially stabbed.

Update 19:17 EST- New York Times published this video today which is a good summary of the terrorist attack.

Featured image courtesy of AP