My friend Marcus had some great stories about this movie during our last SOFREP radio interview with him. I’m sure it will be worth watching as Marcus was involved during every step of the way.

I also spoke with “Axe’s” mother Donna (what a great gal) last night, and she’s thrilled about the movie. I also trained Axe during sniper school; he was by far one of the best students I’ve ever had.

After the movie comes out I’ll ask Marcus back to give us his take on the movie and let you guys ask him some questions.

Check out to view the full trailer, and former SEAL and host Chris Hagerman’s thoughts, then come back here, and let me know what you think.

Listen to our Marcus Luttrell interview on SOFREP Radio here.

Updated: Here’s the full poem that the “new guy” SEAL is seen reciting by memory in the Lone Survivor trailer in front of his platoon. It looks like it’s been scrubbed PG for the movie but you can see it all below.

Never forgotten…

Been Around the World Twice


I’am a lover, a fighter

An American naval UDT SEAL diver.

That’s a rootin tootin shootin paratroopin

SCUBA diving demolition double cap crippin’

Frogman – last of the bare-knuckle fighters

No muff too tough, No Sky too high.

I diver for five

Tuck suck fuck nibble ‘n chew

Dine and interwine, masturbate

Ejaculate and copulate

I Drive Big trucks 2by’s, 4by’s , 6by’s

and those big mother fuckers that go Shhh Shhh

and bend in the middle.

Been around the world twice

Talked to everyone once, seen two

Whitle whales fuck

Been to two Pygmy picking picnics,

And met a man in Nantucket with a marble head and a wooden cock . . .

and ladies, if ya don’t like my face . . . you can sit on it ! ! !