General Robert Neller, the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, took a historic step on Thursday evening, demonstrating that no one, not even the senior ranking Marine in the land, is above the rule of order, nor is he exempt from repercussion of his actions.

General Neller posted an image on Twitter of him signing an administrative remarks page, commonly referred to as a Page 11, to be entered into his service record book.  Alongside the image, the General wrote, “Just signed my page 11. Online = extension of uniformed presence. Our discipline to orders is what sets us apart.”

According to senior enlisted sources inside the Marine Corps, General Neller has ordered that all Marines have a “Page 11” remark (technically called a NACMV 118 Administrative Remark) entered into their service record books that speaks directly to the behavior expected of Marines when interacting online on social media platforms such as Facebook.