In another attempt by a member of the United States Congress to help restore the reputations of the men from MARSOC Fox Company, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has recently come forward on their behalf. After the MARSOC 7 were accused of committing war crimes following a 2007 vehicle-borne IED ambush in Afghanistan, the Marine Corps has seemingly been resistant to putting an end to the misinformation and lies that were allowed to persist for more than a decade.

Fortunately for the men affected, some members of Congress have offered their support along with SOFREP in covering this story extensively. As a result, the truth behind the ambush and subsequent investigation have been brought to light. Now it is now up to the Department of Defense and Headquarters Marine Corps to accept those truths and publicly exonerate these men as well as award them the Marine Raider insignia that they earned.

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A full transcript of Congressman Rohrabacher’s statement can be read below: