American Secretary of Defense Mattis continued his meetings with foreign defense officials on Thursday, this time meeting with Norwegian Minister of Defense Ine Eriksen Søreide at the Pentagon. Mattis used the meeting as an opportunity to praise the longstanding defense partnership the United States has maintained with Norway, and to reaffirm the two nations’ mutual commitment to the defense of one another.

“Your country is recognized as a front-line member of the coalition to defeat ISIS—our boys serving alongside each other down there—and we appreciate the contributions of your special operations forces and your training team. We’re keenly aware of what you’re doing,” Mattis said.

Among the celebrated partnerships discussed in their meeting were NATO operations that saw participants from U.S. and Norwegian militaries, as well as the opportunity Norway continues to provide to the United States Marine Corps to conduct rotational cold-weather training in Norway. The training allows U.S. Marines the opportunity to harden their cold-weather skills while increasing the interoperability of U.S. and Norwegian forces.

“Norway, from our perspective on this side of the Atlantic, is an essential NATO ally with invaluable expertise in the North Atlantic and the Arctic, and we want to thank you for sharing that expertise with us, and for supporting the U.S. Marine Corps cold-weather training taking place today in Norway,” Mattis told Søreide.