On April 1994, the Rwanda Genocide occurred, which saw upwards of 800000 Tutsis killed by Hutu military and ultranationalist extremist factions. The genocide was heightened and collaborated by Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines, and propagandists actively helped locate Tutsi refugees and moderate Hutus.
During the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, media figures, propagandists, and military bloggers helped amplify the Kremlin’s propaganda that the entirety of Ukraine was “full of Nazis” and “rebellious” to justify the war. The invasion has become the largest on the European continent since World War Two, embroiled in war crimes.


When international tribunals took place after the Rwandan Genocide, the media figures were tried for complicity, and further back in WWII, Josef Goebbels would’ve been as well. Russian propagandists have played a key role in causing the war and continue to justify massacres and forced deportations. These acts international tribunals should try these as well.

Helping to Ignite a War

Russia, throughout its history, has been an authoritarian state with strict control over media consumption. This has been seen with the Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation. The Kremlin owns all networks that broadcast to the general public, and nothing is approved with the state’s review of the media material.

The Kremlin directly dictates state-controlled agencies such as Russia Today (RT), Tass, Sputnik, and RIA Novosti. They work in tandem to promote their influence and war-like behavior throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Russia Today’s current chief, Margarita Simonyan, is a close associate of Putin and has used the network akin to the Ministry of Propaganda George Orwell described in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four (1948). RT’s blatant collaboration with the Kremlin became so appalling that the EU has a media block, with many of its offices now closed in the West.

The Voice of the Kremlin

In the aftermath of the Salisbury chemical weapons attacks in the United Kingdom, Russia Today would help cover the suspects as “tourists.” Both suspects were revealed to be GRU (military intelligence) agents. RT’s broadcasts on the events only heightened geopolitical tensions with Britain.

Along with Margarita Simonyan, other media personalities such as Vladimir Solovyov have become the voice of the Kremlin, often threatening to nuke other countries on Moscow’s behalf. In January, Kremlin figures called for the Bundestag to be nuked for sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine. In March, Simonyan threatened Georgia with a nuclear strike for their country-wide protests against the foreign agent’s law.