I was going to let this pass, I swear. There was a lot on my plate, I didn’t really have the time, but this story just got bigger and bigger. Pundits were a-punditing, pontificators pontificating, and the internet memes! So many, many memes… I held off for a few days, though. See, I learned my lesson when I tried to write about the David Patraeus scandal while it was still unfolding. Every time I thought I had a bead on what was happening, new information came out and the details of the story kept changing. I had to edit that damn thing every five minutes.

Therefore, I thought I’d let the dust settle a bit on the l’affaire de Bob Costas, and wait ford the inevitable outrageous outrage, media hand-wringing, and convoluted explanations to die down a bit before I shared my thoughts on the issue.

So yeah, Bob Costas. Jesus, has he been around forever or what? You know, I always thought of the dude as a harmless, relatively dull network television fixture. I grew up with the guy, for chrissakes. I can’t remember a time when his cherubic face wasn’t on my television, whether it was covering football, baseball, or being in terrible, terrible movies.

But now, Costas is taking heat for his commentary on a Monday night football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Upon hearing the news that Kansas City Chiefs player Javon Belcher had murdered his wife, Kassandra Perkins, and then killed himself with a legally purchased and owned handgun, he decided some editorializing about the need for further gun control was necessary during the halftime show.