Hey everybody, I wanted to give you an update on what we’re doing with the upcoming changes to SOFREP.com so you’re not left in the dark.

First, we’re going to merge Team Room into SOFREP.com. Team Room is currently on the subdomain https://teamroom.cms.sofrep.com/, which makes integration with http://staging.cms.sofrep.com/ unnecessarily difficult and more challenging than I want to deal with. So we’re going to move some stuff around.

SOFREP TV and SOFREP Radio are essentially duplicated on both websites, so we’ll only keep one instance of that and comments will be lost from one site. Warning Order and Reading are easy sections to move, and making the PX work nice for subscribers will be easy enough.

But the Forums are a real challenge. Jaycel has done a lot of good work with the Book Club, and there’s a lot of good and important information within the forums that y’all have invested in, so we definitely want to keep that intact. But the forums application I chose doesn’t like to be moved around. Yesterday I was thinking that we might be forced to scrap it all, but fortunately SOFREP Dev and I have done this a time or two before and we know how to use brute force. It looks like we’ll be able to move the forums over to SOFREP.com after all. We’ll know by tomorrow night.