My Memorial Day Reflections

I was up at 0400 yesterday morning to catch a 0630 flight to JFK to take some meetings this week with Maxim magazine and USAA.  SOFREP will be formally partnering with Maxim as a military content provider, I’m excited to build this relationship and also grateful to have such an incredible partner in USAA.

As I pulled into the airport parking lot, I drove down to the fence, and parked. The drive to the airport in San Diego is one I’ve made a hundred times, but when I finally stopped the jeep and disengaged my internal autopilot (the one that got me there without much recollection), it hit me like an explosive concussion.  A few yards to my right, in this same parking lot last September, was where I learned, with a single text message, that my best friend Glen Doherty was gone from my life. I glanced over and tried to hold back the emotions, but they just overcame me, and there was nothing I could do about it.  It actually felt good to grieve a bit more. Anyone who’s lost someone special knows what I’m talking about.

I’m a better man for having known men like Glen Doherty, Chris Kyle, John Zinn, and the other teammates I’ve lost since February 1998.

Politics & The VA

It disturbs me that Glen was paraded around on the Presidential stage purely for political gain during the Presidential elections. Worse is that the same government paid only a few thousand dollars (I’m not even sure if it was that much) long after the bills for his memorial had piled up.  His friends, RCF, and fellow citizen donors rallied, and we took care of it. However, it still bothers me that the government left his estate in the lurch.