The film “13 Hours” is not a documentary. It’s big-screen Hollywood drama, meant to entertain, not educate. Michael Bay hasn’t planted some political smoking gun reveal that is meant to shock America, and finally put an end to the “Witch of Washington” and her bid for president in 2016.

Note: “Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, Glen and Ty were CIA GRS contractors, and former Navy SEALs (SEALs are sailors not soldiers). Also, the contractors were sure to be a mix of Army, USMC, USAF, and Navy. Soldier is a term the Army uses exclusively. 

I finally reached my tipping point and decided to write about this when real news reporters, guys that make a living reporting the news, started calling me to ask my opinion about the movie, when I was reporting for SOFREP in Kiev, Ukraine last week. “What do you think it will reveal about events on the ground?” some asked with eagerness.

I was stunned. Most haven’t even read the book “13 Hours” or any of SOFREP’s reporting on Benghazi. But these same journalists sure couldn’t wait to get their press pass for an early screening of the movie and learn about history that way.