This week the New York Times reported that Michael Flynn filed paperwork acknowledging he worked as a foreign agent representing the interests of Turkey last year prior to becoming President Trump’s first National Security Advisor. According to the New York Times article, Flynn was hired by Inovo, which is owned by a Turkish-American businessman with links to political leaders in Ankara. Bottom-line, he failed to file the necessary paperwork with the DOJ indicating his involvement with Inovo prior to becoming the National Security Advisor. Flynn’s lawyer supposedly contacted President Trump’s transition team prior to the inauguration about his previous work with Inovo and was told the decision to file was his to make.

But a person briefed on the matter, who insisted on anonymity to describe private conversations, said Mr. Flynn’s lawyer contacted a lawyer for Mr. Trump’s transition team before the inauguration to ask whether Mr. Flynn should register given his work for Inovo.

The transition lawyer offered no advice, saying it was up to Mr. Flynn. After the inauguration, the person said, Mr. Flynn and his lawyer each raised it again with a White House lawyer, only to be told once more it was up to him. Mr. Flynn had no comment on Friday. His lawyer wrote the Justice Department that Mr. Flynn decided to register retroactively “to eliminate any potential doubt.”- New York Times

No doubt, the Trump administration would like Flynn to fade into the background after the controversy surrounding his previous contact with the Russian Ambassador and misleading VP Pence prior to the inauguration. However, Flynn’s questionable choices are keeping him in the news.

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of Robert L. Lang