Man, where do I even start with this whole idiocy over Michael Moore’s ridiculous comments on snipers?  First off, I am ignoring Seth Rogen’s comments.  Yea, yea, American war films are like Nazi propaganda.  Yawn.  It is dumb when those on the right equate something President Obama does with Nazi Germany, and it is equally as dumb when those on the left try to equate something patriotic with being Nazi-like.  I will once again add my voice to the “let the Nazi comparisons die” chorus.

Now, let’s stipulate that Michael Moore says provocative stuff on a semi-regular basis, and is like that contrarian we all know who cannot help but be an asshole and throw the proverbial urine on everyone else’s wedding cake.  He is one of those people who thinks that saying something against the grain (i.e., “snipers are cowards,” when most of America is celebrating the life of one such sniper) makes him sound insightful, intelligent, or admirably counter-culture.  Oh bravo, sir!

Mr. Moore illustrates a complete lack of understanding of how a sniper operates if he thinks they lack bravery.  Snipers – American snipers, anyway – usually operate in two-man teams, along with a spotter, in precariously solitary surroundings, usually in hostile territory.  They have nothing but their rifles and spotters to protect them, typically, and are removed to some degree from friendly forces.

I would venture to guess that Mr. Moore would equate his “courage” in firing off a contrarian Tweet with a sniper’s role in combat, because men like him actually somehow believe they are brave.  To think that someone who operates as a sniper lacks courage is simply uneducated, at best, and willfully ignorant, at worst.  You can be a pacifist and think war is wrong, but that does not make you an expert on war, nor on those who fight it.  It especially does not make you an expert on the constitution of those who step up to serve.  I would guess Mr. Moore has very little understanding of that realm of the human condition.