Well gents, you wanted a piece of the spotlight surrounding my dead hero friend’s success. You’ve got that now, and you’ve landed on my target deck.

Neither of you have visibility into what it’s like to volunteer for public service as a firefighter, law enforcement, government service, or to understand what it’s like to write a blank check to Uncle Sam that comes with volunteering for the US military.

I saw the Twin Towers fall, realized I was off to some strange land to defend the freedom we enjoy in America as a Navy SEAL, and I realized I wouldn’t be there for the birth of my son, born November 30th, 2001. Chris Kyle and I were stationed at SEAL Team 3 at the time, and he and others would soon follow. A lot of my friends would never return.

It’s a strange place to find yourself, when half of your friends are no longer here. I catch myself grabbing my phone to call my best friend Glen Doherty and other friends I’ve lost, and then I realize they’re gone. They are not – they were not – cowards. They are human beings, my friends. They are fathers, husbands, with mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. They gave their all for this country.

I’m writing this as someone who appreciates intelligent dialogue and debate regardless of your political or religious position. But Seth Rogen and Michael Moore aren’t about an intelligent dialogue, they’re about pushing their own celebrity and grabbing a piece of my hero friend’s spotlight.

Harsh, naive, and thoughtless comments, shouted down from their penthouse apartment in their own L.A. version of the Capitol city as portrayed in the movie the Hunger Games. All in the name of their own egocentric celebrity, and a weak attempt to draft off the success of a dead hero who is no longer here to defend himself or his family.

Brandon Webb and Chris Kyle at Shot Show 2012
Brandon Webb and Chris Kyle at Shot Show 2013

Congratulations, you’ve joined the ranks of Panthem and are participating in everything that is wrong in this country. We need thought leaders and people who can bring folks together, not divide them further.

Michael Moore and Seth Rogen Are Elitist Cowards