There are a lot of good military charities out there, but there’s also the bad, and the ugly with questionable, and un-ethical practices. This article focuses on the latter, and should serve as a guide to giving.

SOFREP receives a lot of emails with information about charitable organizations. We try and look into them all, and have our own vetted list you can view here.

The Bad

An organization SOFREP recently looked into, which does great things for the Special Operations community, awarded over $50,000 in ongoing education grants to family members of a sitting executive who’s household annual income is in excess of $200,000. These are education grants, not medical or memorial support, and the charity in question has a four star rating with Charity Navigator.

When SOFREP questioned the organization about this practice we were told by their PR company (note: their CEO refused to speak with us) that all grants were awarded by an independent committee. Regardless of an independent committee, any independent committee would likely make themselves familiar with the charity’s mission and leadership, and in our opinion this practice creates a clear conflict of interest.